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Article: Golf course marking paint
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General Information
Article number: GF6-700
Usage: griwecolor Golf course marking paint is a biologically degradable, physiologically non-hazardous, air permeable turf marking paint. It can also be used as high coverage concentrate for stain treatments on natural turf.
Basis: Aqueous pigment concentration.
Physical properties
Colour: green
Gloss level: mat
Density: 1.2 g/cm³
Consumption: 10 - 30 g per m²
Application: After dilution applicable with suitable spraying equipment. When using standard spraying equipment for insecticides a higher dilution is possible if required.
Substrates: Golf courses and natural sport turfs.
Thinning: 1:5 to 1:10 with water. It is preferable to use soft to middle soft water, as it has a positive effect on stability and spraying.
Processing equipment: Can be sprayed or sprinkled manually or with mechanical spraying equipment. Please stir up well before use!
Processing temperature: Dry and frost-free weather conditions.
Clean-up: Immediately in the wet state with water, if necessary in addition with a household detergent.
Consignment & Storage
Packaging: Plastic canister with 14 kg content
Storage: Keep dry and cool, but frost free! The product can be stored for a minimum of 9 months when kept sealed in the original container. Once the container is opened or diluted, use it soon and keep it tightly closed for storage.
Disposal: Completely emptied containers can be recycled. Containers with hardened remains are residual waste. Containers with liquid remains are special waste and should be disposed at special collecting points according to the locally valid laws on waste disposal. You will find further information regarding the correct disposal on our MSDS.
Hazardous warning:
Hazardous warning: No labelling required as product is non-hazardous.
Please also follow the instructions on the MSDS.