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Industry Service

Industry Service

For protection or marking in industry – Everything from a single source.

For industrial applications griwecolor offers several innovative special and niche products. All of them are produced environmentally sustainable from low-pollution raw materials and are almost totally solvent free. Furthermore, the products are distinguished by a wide range of application methods such as by roller, spray or airless processing. griwecolor Strippable Coating, Anti-Adherent Coating and Barrier Gel are used for the protection of complete paint booths, spray booths, walls, hangers, robots, conveyors and gratings.

griwecolor Industry Service products facilitate their cleaning and are suitable for use in small and large firms. griwecolor Aqua-Undercoating, a high elastic single component coating based on PU, is used in vehicle construction and guarantees longterm protection due to its excellent corrosion protection properties. It is amongst others used in public utility vehicles, construction machines and railway vehicles.

griwecolor Industry Products

Anti-Adherent Coating

  • touch-proof and tear resistent
  • water swellable
  • drying cristal clear
  • solvent-free
  • non-thermoplastic

Strippable Coating

  • solvent-free
  • neutral odour
  • fast drying
  • thermoplastic

Barrier Gel

  • dust catcher
  • water-soluble
  • washable
  • neutral odour
  • silicon-free
  • coatable and sprayable

Aqua Under Coating

  • viscoplastic
  • best water resistance
  • excellent adhesion to various substrates e.g. Non-ferrous metals, corrosion-protected steel
  • high mechanical strength

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