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Lawn Marking Colour

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griwecolor Lawn Marking Paints are high-coverage marking paint systems for the marking of lawn and hard pitches with the commercially available marking trolleys. The portfolio of griwecolor Lawn Marking Paints includes ready-to-use systems such as griwecolor Topliner as well as corresponding concentrates from the RA1-700 product range for individual handling.

griwecolor Pawn Marking Paint is also available in other colours on request. In comparison to conventional chalk, it allows easy re-marking of the lawn without annoying densifications and line elevations, which prevent the lawn from growing back and suffocate the grass. The water resistance of the paint means that it does not need to be re-marked until the paint has grown out with the grass or has been removed by mowing.


griwecolor Topliner is a ready-to-use marking colour with high covering power for marking grass fields and hard courts. The marking colour offers very fast drying properties, outstanding adhesion properties as well as very good water resistance and a very high degree of whiteness.


  • ready-to-use
  • highest hiding power
  • very high yield
  • highest water resistance and substrate adhesion
  • suitable for ultra-fine atomization
  • free of solvents and softening agents

Lawn Marking Colour

griwecolor Lawn Marking Colour is a marking colour concentrate with high covering power for marking grass fields and hard courts with the marking trolleys EasyLiner, LineCar, Ecomatic, Supermatic or comparable devices. EasyLiner is a battery-operated marking device that offers directional stability and a stable construction. The colour is sprayed evenly onto the lawn by an electrical, battery-operated pump. We happily consult you if you have questions concerning the different characteristics. The application can also be done with any conventional marking device.

griwecolor Lawn Marking Colour is available for stadiums, sports fields, for natural or artificial grass and not only in white but also in other colour shades. Compared to conventional whiting, the lawn can easily be marked without irregular compressions and superelevations of the line that would prevent the grass from growing. Due to the colour’s water resistance the lawn only needs to be marked again when the colour has grown out with the grass or has been removed by mowing.


  • fast drying
  • outstanding adhesive properties
  • very good water resistance
  • free from solvents and softeners
  • biologically degradable

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