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Plant Fortifiers

Plant Fortifiers

griwecolor Plant Fortifiers prevent sunburn and animal bites

griwecolor has developed high-quality and biodegradable protective paints especially for the field of plant protection. griwecolor Plant Protection Paints are suitable for trees and shrubs and can be used in fruit growing, on berry plantations and in the garden.

griwecolor Tree Protective Paint is a biodegradable protective paint designed for use on young trees and shrubs. It is breathable and protects the bark in the long term. By reflecting the sun's rays, the protective paint prevents the bark from frostbite in spring and supports the natural breathing of the woody plants through the non-toxic raw materials for animals and plants.

To protect young buds on fruit trees and berry bushes from damage by birds and small animals, griwecolor White Concentrate can be applied to the young shoots. This is a breathable, temporary protection for the period until the buds have reached a sufficient size.

Both plant fortifiers are physiologically harmless for humans, animals and plants. They are applied either manually or with the usual mechanical sprayers. The products can be diluted with water as required.

griwecolor Plant additives

Tree protective paint

  • for young trees and shrubs
  • biologically degradable
  • prevents frost break-ups of the bark
  • non-toxic for animals and plants

White concentrate

  • protection of young buds on fruit trees and berry bushes from damage by birds or small animals
  • physiologically harmless

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