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For the pretreatment of simple and critical substrates we also offer various Primers.

Quartz Primer

griwecolor Quartz Primer is a quartz-containing primer with very good adhesion properties to various substrates. It is suitable for all types of plaster with smooth or weakly-absorbing substrates.


  • excellent adhesion properties
  • versatile applicable
  • DIN 18363

ISO-Quartz Primer

griwecolor ISO-Quartz Primer is a primer with outstanding insulation properties.

griwecolor ISO-Quartz Primer can be used as insulating coat for nicotine, soot, water strains or discolorations on building boards such as gypsum or the like.


  • free from solvents
  • fine grain
  • insulating
  • DIN 18363

Deep Sealer

griwecolor Deep Sealer is suitable for mineral substrates and offers a very good resistance to alkali and water. It can be used to solidify heavily sandy and porous mineral plaster surfaces.

griwecolor Deep Sealer is also suitable as blocking primer to level out different degrees of absorption.


  • reinforced with siloxane
  • free from solvents and softeners
  • alkali and waterproof
  • deep penetration power

Stain Primer

griwecolor Stain Primer is a special primer for strongly polluted substrates for example due to nicotine, soot marks or discolorations by wood extractives.

griwecolor Stain Primer is also used as primer for griwecolor Dispersion Paints.


  • solvent-free
  • aqueous base
  • insulating

Plaster Primer

griwecolor Plaster Primer is a white-pigmented, unsaponifiable and adhesion promoting basic or intermediate coating with fine grain for all types of plaster. Prevents exsiccation when applying subsequent systems.


  • white bonding bridge between mineral substrates and plasters
  • prevents deflagration of following system
  • excellent adhesion properties
  • DIN 18363


griwecolor Hydrophobization is a water-repellent impregnation for concrete, plasters and wood. The hydrophobization is also used as primer for griwecolor Exterior Paints.


  • very high vapour permeability
  • prevents the penetration of water into the substrate due to its very low water absorption
  • no film-forming

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